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Learn How to Hold a Golf Club Properly – 5 Simple Tips For Accuracy & Distance

Believe it or not, your golf game depends greatly on how you hold your golf club. The slightest change in your hands, or even your fingers, can change the way your ball flies.

The Proper Golf Swing Setup in Simple Easy Steps For Maximum Power & Accuracy

Most golfers think their swings are the most important part of hitting a great shot. However, most pros agree the set-up is the most important part of hitting the ball well. The first step in a proper set-up is to align your body correctly.

4 Tips For Beginning Golfers!

Are you knew to the game of golf and looking for ways to improve your game? Would you like to impress your friends with some golf secrets that give you an advantage?

Golfer’s Elbow – Negative Effects and Activities to Avoid

If you have Golfer’s Elbow, you know for one, that it’s definitely not a fun thing to have. You also know that it’s literally a pain in itself when attempting to treat or cure it. However, a cure does exist.

How to Hit Your Irons – Broken Down Into Five Easy Steps (These Worked For Me)

Learn how to hit your irons effectively when you break down the swing into five workable parts. Many average golfers usually have one or more areas of their swings that is causing issues. I had a problem with a wicked slice and could not hit an iron to save my life.

How to Play Golf in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known for gambling, fine dining, and great entertainment. But one of the fastest growing segments of the tourist business are those who are going to Vegas to play golf. Whether you choose a golf package or just play rounds of golf when you are there to part take in the rest of the fun, Vegas can offer you great golf. In this article will tell you why Vegas is becoming a “Hot” golf destination.

Golf Specific Fitness Vs Basic Conditioning

Let me first congratulate you if you are a golfer and are currently working on improving your overall health and wellness with a safe and effective basic conditioning program. For those golfers who are not currently exercising, were you aware that the rate of injury for recreational golfers has been recorded as high as sixty percent and even higher with senior players?

How to Cure a Golf Slice – Follow My Lead and Find Out How I Stopped Slicing

How to cure a golf slice is a question that many golfers ask and very few find an answer to. Find out now how to cure your golf slice with the least amount of frustration possible. Look I could give you tips beyond tips and tell you that these tips will fix your swing for good.

Using Training Drills to Improve Your Golf Swing Practice

There are specific drills that can benefit every part of your game, and you are sure to find at least one drill that can help you work out a quirk or trouble spot that you may have in your golf game. Here is a brief overview of different type of training drills for you golf swing practice that can help to improve your golf swing and lower your scores.

Making the Cut – Beginners Golf Tips

The difference the proper methods of teaching golf means to beginners. What should a beginner expect to learn from a coaching perspective.

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