Bernhard Langer explains the biggest mistakes amateurs make

Momentous Golf Trainer – Improve Your Momentous Strength

Momentous golf trainer is not a product to bypass, especially if you are dreaming of becoming one of the world’s iconic golfing personalities. If more than a half a million golfers have managed to emerge successful with this prolific golf product, what makes you think you can defy this statistics, in fact you can be the next to have a good run in the career like Tiger Woods.

Winn Golf Grips – Tips to Clean and to Grip

The Winn golf grips make use of the polymer material on a very advanced level. And since the polymer is not as easy to take care of as the common rubber, it demands that it be given strict extra care that is quite diverse and unique to it. Then the question is how do you endeavor to clean the Winn grip?

Golf Swing Software – Get the Best and Finest

Get the best and finest Golf Swing Software to help you capture and analyze your golf swings. The software program that is meant for both professional and avid golfers is able to capture the video pictures from a camera and take them to the PC. This enables the golfer analyze the golf swings that he or she makes with increased ease and accuracy. From the picture analysis, you will be able to…

Used Golf Club Sales – Used But Not Worn Out

Don’t be cheated, the Used golf club sales is on the very same level with the brand new golf club sales in both quality and class. In fact if you are keen in looking at the form of the used golf clubs you will notice that they have some form of experience. Yes, the used golf club has within it a spirit of use, somewhat, that makes it easier for a player to easily work with the club.

Improve Your Game With the Golf Swing Analysis Software

Playing golf might at some point appear quite tough than you expected, but with the technology in place the golf swing analysis software will help you in a great way. All you need is a digital camera to capture your swing movements and the software to help you analyze your performance.

Regrip Clubs – Clinical Ways on How Best to Regrip Your Favorite Golf Clubs

The amount of money you spend to regrip clubs is not as alarming as buying a new golf club. You will realize that the whole club still looks like new but the handle section is as old as the ages of great seas. They may still be very excellent golf clubs with starling shapes and hence no need to spend big money on new ones. You do not need to waste time moving from one shop to other and it’s an exercise you can handle on your own.

Golf Shafts – Steel Versus Graphite

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a dilemma in which you have to choose between equipping your clubs with steel or graphite shafts? Well, even if you haven’t. You will inevitably have to make that decision for yourself sometime in the near future. That’s why it would be best to learn the pros and cons of using either shaft.

Golf Tips – 3 Simple Step by Step Tips For Becoming the Top Dog in Your Foursome Quickly and Easily

If you’re like most golfers you desperately want to lower your score. Wouldn’t it be great to be the top dog in your foursome and see the looks of jealously on your buddies faces after another killer round? Luckily it’s not as difficult as you would think.

Golf Tips – 3 Simple Step by Step Tips For Slashing Your Score Quickly and Easily Almost Overnight

Whether you’ve just picked up you first golf club, you’re a struggling duffer or you’ve been wearing down the grass at your local club for years I’m guessing you love this game as much as I do. But, at times golf just drives you crazy. Those nasty rounds where everything goes wrong and you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if your life depended on it.

Short Putts Made Easy – The String Drill Explained

All golfers want to putt better and/or to increase their confidence on those pesky 3-6 foot putts. Nothing is more frustrating to a golfer than missing a 6 foot putt for a birdie or a good recovery par after having hit a great shot onto the green.

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