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Questions to Ask When Buying Golf Clubs

Learn some of the best questions to ask when you are thinking about buying a new club or even an entire set of clubs. Having the right answers to these questions will ensure that you get the right club for you and your swing.

Golf Swing Mechanics to Fix Your Golf Swing

Some think that the game of golf is quite an easy task for one to do as it all entails swinging a stick to hit a ball. But when one gets to learn the game quite well they will realize that is a challenge. The way you would watch and see it is easy to play is not the same way you find it once you have the club in your hand. To it the ball to the tee requires a certain skill and training that many are lacking. It needs one to know about the mechanics of the golf swing.

Why Use a Golf Swing Trainer Year Round?

We know we should build muscle memory and keep muscle tone year round and this is an excellent way to do just that. We should also stretch prior to hitting practice balls or playing golf. I usually swing the trainers back and forth several times to help loosen up my hips and shoulders.

WGC-HSBC Champions – Tiger Verses Phil – Who is Really the Best?

Since the victory by Phil Mickelson at the the WGC-HSBC Champions Tournament in Sheshan, Shanghai, China this past weekend (November 5th through the 8th) perhaps the greatest controversy in modern golf has arisen as the known rivalry between the two best golfers in the world continues. As a golfer myself, who is intimate with the game and its inconsistent nature, having played for more than 35 years, it is way too premature to be lauding Phil as a better golfer than Tiger.

Another Walk in the Park

A few weeks ago I recounted my experience at Brentwood Country Club on Long Island. My significant other and I had such an enjoyable time we decided to play there again this past weekend. We arrived at the course around 9:00am, checked in and were ready to tee off by 9:30 give or take a few minutes. We were paired with two middle aged gents who were friendly and experienced golfers.

What’s the Proper Golf Swing, and How Do You Do it?

What’s the proper golf swing? Can you learn a proper golf swing? How easy is it to learn and how much will if improve your game? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this article about how to do the proper golf swing.

Mental Golf Tips – How to Improve Your Game Effortlessly

Want to learn some killer mental golf tips that can really improve your game? Warning! They’re really simple, but oh so powerful! Read about these professional grade mental golf tips, today!

How to Find the Best Junior Golf Instruction

Finding the right junior golf instruction for your child is really important. It affects how well they learn to play, but more importantly, it affects their love of the game and other aspects of their lives. Read this article today to learn how to get the best junior golf instruction for your child.

Golf Club Distances – Knowing the Distance of Your Clubs

When it comes to learning about golf clubs and their distances, you may find that it is not going to be easy to learn without help. The caddie’s job is to tell you what club to use or even tell you which is the best to use during your current situation.

Putting – It’s Worth Your Time to Practice

If you shot even par the way it’s drawn up your shooting to the green and allowed two-putts. Two putts x 18-holes equals 36 shots on a standard par 72 golf course.

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