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Steps to Clean Your Clubs and Improve Your Game

How can you achieve better golfing results? Start by cleaning your clubs. It really can be that simple. Better contact comes from clean clubs with nothing in the grooves. Clubs cannot always do what they are designed to do if they are not clean. Even one small piece of dirt can make a huge difference.

Five Important Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Clubs

Having proper equipment is an essential part of playing the game and many golfers understand this. With many new types of golf clubs out there, it can be difficult to find the right type for the way you play the game. However, by using our five-step process you can choose the right clubs for your bag and play the best possible golf much easier.

Selecting the Right Club for Beginners and Advanced Golfers

Getting on the green and putting for birdie comes down to selecting the right golf club. It all starts with buying clubs that fit you just right and they must also fit the type of game you try to play. If you like to curve the ball it will make a difference in the type of clubs you should buy. Most standard sets of golf clubs will come with a driver, three wood, five wood, three through nine irons, a couple wedges, and a putter.

Golf Club Distance – Do You Know How Far You Hit Your Clubs?

Many new and veteran golfers don’t have any clue how far they hit their clubs. Each club has a specific range and it is not the same for each golfer. This is because not all seven irons have the same loft or the same design and not every player is as strong as another player is.

How to Play With a Push Golf Cart

Walking is a great exercise and with a push golf cart, you can get better exercise on the course. It makes quite a bit of sense to walk while on the course, but this doesn’t mean you have to carry your clubs. This is a simple way to enjoy the game and get good exercise. Some say that walking with a push cart is not all that good for exercise, but I beg to differ.

Getting Your Clubs Fitted

Getting Your Clubs Fitted For Golf. Depending on a players game and their style of play, golfers will find that getting your clubs fitted will help improve their shot and distance. The overall distance or speed of a shot, the club will make all the difference. So, having a great driver, putter, and all other club options to choose from will help improve the overall quality of how your shots will fall.

Make Your Golf Cart Lighter and Faster

The average speed of the standard golf cart goes a measly (and maximum) 15 mph. So getting from one hole to the next can be a very slow process. But, there are a few ways that you can make your cart lighter and so also faster.

Custom Clubfitting – What Kind of Car Wash Do You Want?

Custom fitting is very definitely beneficial for average golfers and not just for single digit handicap players. When done properly, custom fitting can reduce and offset some of the poor shotmaking effects of your swing errors.

Choosing the Right Golf Driver Head!

Choosing the right golf driver head begins with choosing the right driver. Getting the best one for you the first time is very important because they can be expensive and therefore you do not want to be buying more than one if it can be avoided.

Electric Golf Trolley Maintenance

So you have now bought your first Electric Golf Trolley and want to know more about how to maintain your cart. How to care for your battery properly and what to look for when things go wrong. Very often Electric Golf Trolleys are sold without any advice being given…

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