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Selecting Golf Balls That Suit Your Skills Best

Each professional golf player knows better how significant role the golf balls plays in his game. Golfer’s skill over his game retains no value if he is without right golf balls with him. This matter is clear to every golfer and everybody knows this reality. That’s why we now see the golf balls as the most primary golf item among golfers.

Golf – David Duval’s Comeback Story Could Continue

Most people in the golf community were surprised at the way David Duval hung in there for all four rounds of the recent U.S. Open, finishing with a very impressive second-place tie. For many of those fans, it was a most welcome and most pleasant surprise, as the sport needs more and more competitors who can challenge Tiger Woods. Now Duval heads to the British Open, a major that he’s won before.

Golf Hints That Really Do Work

Golf is a strange sport. Golfers are strange people. They rely on swing thoughts, golf hints, and obscure superstitions to enable them to perform an athletic move. A swing thought is the one or more thoughts you have at the time you are swinging the club.

Golf – The British Open Part One – It’s Not America’s Game

The British Open, taking place in July of each year, brings together some of the greatest players in the game, from all over the world. It’s a handful for a lot of players to deal with, and frustration often sets in, but the game overseas may resemble more of what the inventors originally intended, and players from over her should learn to live with it.

Golf – The British Open – Players Need to Respect the Weather & Course Conditions

If the weather does not “cooperate,” you will invariably hear players complain about the course conditions. Since the British invented the game of golf, there’s a silly argument there. If you can’t deal with being in the UK on a links course, then you don’t have respect for the real tradition of the game, and should zip it up when comes to the comments.

Six Golden Tips For Basic Golf Swing Mechanics

All golfers want to make their golf swings effortless and professional. They try to get that “perfect” swing and improve their game in geometrical progression. They forget that there is no “one” swing that is perfect but that there is a perfect swing for each and every golfer.

Attacking the Pin Cuts Golf Handicap

Professional golfers get up and down from within 10 feet 90 percent of the time. That’s why they score so well on tough courses like Augusta National Golf Club, where they play the Masters.

Proper Golf Swings Are Just One Aspect of Winning the Game

Golfers who execute some great golf swings did not inherit the skill but developed it through hard work. So just copying them will not make you swing like them. You should also work hard to get the proper golf swing.

Four Ways to Score With a Hybrid

New students, it seems, are always asking for golf tips on how to chop strokes off their golf handicaps. One way, I tell them, is to gain proficiency with your scoring clubs. You have three scoring clubs in your bag-the driver, the putter, and the wedge. They’re called scoring clubs because they save strokes. The better you hit these, the more strokes you save. That’s why instructors cover them so much in golf lessons and golf tips. Another club that saves strokes is the hybrid.

Turning Your Slice Into a Draw Now

If you’ve ever tried to correct a slice, you know how hard it is to do it. You’ve probably taken golf lessons. Read golf tips. And consulted trusted friends with low golf handicaps. You’ve tried everything you can think of but nothing’s worked. You still hit a slice.

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