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The Battery Golf Trolley

A battery golf trolley is a wonderful thing. It’s a personal caddy that never gets tired, never complains and can always be relied on – as long as you keep the battery well charged. Its only downside is that it isn’t very good at selecting the club you want to use, though that may well come in time with future advances in robotic development.

The Best Golf Grips and How to Check Your Setup

This article break down one of the most important aspects of your golf game, the grip. It’s overlooked so often but an improper grip can cause many problems. This article also covers how to check your setup which is a very common mistake golfer make.

How to Think Properly on the Golf Course – Are You Controlling Your Brain Or is it Running You?

Are you really in charge of your golf game on the course? Do you control and manage your thinking, course management and self control? Here is a simple little example that you can use on the golf course to see if you are running your mind good or badly. Learn from this, change your thinking when you need to and shoot better scores.

Improve Your Golf Swing Fast – Take 5 Shots Off of Your Scores by This Weekend!

Often times golfers struggle to find true consistency. No matter your current skill level, I am sure that their have been times when you wanted to chunk your clubs in the lake (maybe you actually have). In this article I want to share with you a few tips that will improve your golf swing fast, so that you can go out this weekend and shoot a great round of golf!

The Evolution of Golf Balls – How the Golf Balls Came to Be Dimpled

When you watch golf do you ever wonder why golf balls are dimpled? Experts say it’s all about aerodynamics but did the early balls look like the ones we have today?

How to Hit a Power Fade in 3 Easy Steps!

A controlled fade is a valuable shot for any golfer to have in his or her arsenal. In this article I want to share with you 3 easy steps that will help you learn how to hit a power fade each and every time that you need to.

How to Save on Golf Balls – Tips For the Novice Golfer

With the number of balls that get lost in golf courses, how do you save on golf balls? Did you know an average of 125,000 balls per year fall into the water at the famous 17th hole of The Players Stadium Course at Sawgrass in Florida?

Which Golf Ball is Right For You?

When choosing a golf ball, many golfers head straight for the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball, without a second thought as to which golf ball would best suit their game. This guide aims to help you make the best decision possible, resulting in you lowering your scores on the golf course.

Golf Club Distance – What’s the Secret?

In this article we’re going to discover the real secret to golf club distance and the truth about hybrid golf clubs. We’ll also look at how club head speed is related to distance and how to fix the number problem that golfers have with their swing.

Golf Swing Training Aid – How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots For Duffers

Click! That is the sound of a well struck iron shot and one that all golfers love to hear. You can train yourself to groove your swing so that you hear that beautiful sound on every shot. Imagine the satisfaction of watching your approach shots flying high and landing softly near the pin on a regular basis. Discover how you can make that happen.

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