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Putting Golf Swing Basics Into Action

The goal of learning the golf swing basics is to put them into action out on the green. Once you learn the proper grip, alignment, backswing, downswing, etc. you will be ready to put all of them together to improve your golf swing.

Golf Swing Basics Will Improve Your Game

When you learn the golf swing basics, you will improve your game. You can shave points off your score by implementing the basics into your game.

Golf Putting Setup – How to Get Your Putting Posture Right!

Having a good putting posture is vital to achieving a successful putting setup! It should feel comfortable and balanced and one that helps you to get yourself in the correct position to be able to swing freely with the golf putter and along a square path to the target line.

Golf Swing Basics Are Easy to Learn

Have you ever heard of the acronym K.I.S.S.? If you haven’t it means keep it simple stupid (or sweetie if you want to say it more nicely).

Golf Swing Basics – What is a Slice?

If you don’t know what a slice is, you are not alone. Many beginners are unsure of what a slice is. Once you master the golf swing basics, you will want to focus on other aspects of the game. One of the most common problems is the slice.

Golf Swing Basics – Start Before You Step Up to the Tee

One thing that many beginners fail to realize that your golf swing begins before you step up to the tee. If you have a good grip on the golf swing basics it will be even easier.

Golf Swing Basics For the Beginner

If you are thinking about playing golf, there are some things you should know. Strength is more important in the game of golf than many people realize. Granted you don’t need to be extremely muscular, but strength plays a big role in shooting a long drive.

Golf Swing Basics Are Easier Than You Think

When you are playing golf you want to try to keep it simple. When you keep things simple you will have an easier time maintaining your focus.

The Key Golf Swing Basics

If you want to improve your game on the green and impress your golfing buddies, it will only take a little bit of knowledge and a lot of practice. Growing up you probably heard “practice makes perfect” from your mom or someone else in your life.

How to Play Fairway Bunker Shots!

When was the last time you practiced your fairway bunker shots? Of all shots in golf, the fairway bunker shot has to be hands down the least practiced shot of them all!

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