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A History of Golf Clubs – How They Evolved Into What Players Use Today

In the past Scots who played a game of golf did no certainly use the golf clubs we have today. Although the origins of golf or who exactly invented this game are lost in history, we know it existed in Scotland in the 1400s when King James II decreed that this game together with football be banned because it hindered with archery practice needed in the warfare of those times.

TaylorMade R7 Superquad 460 Driver – The Perfect Golf Club of Choice

If you are looking for the perfect golf club, the TaylorMade R7 Superquad 460 Driver have proven to be just that golf club. Enjoy an increase driving distance, lower your handicap and improved accuracy on the greens.

The Most Effective Golf Shafts For Your Golf Swing

What golf club meets your requirements, is it a Iron Golf Shaft or Graphite Golfing Irons? The use of Firm or Normal Golf Club Shafts can adjust the golf swing tempo for the better or bad, influence a person’s golf shots yardage and accuracy. Let’s clarify these features.

The Best Way to Improve Your Golf Game and How to Practice Your Putts

This article covers the best way to improve your golf game and really analyzes why being a good putter is so important. It also provides a few putting drills for you to work on on the putting green.

How to Find Cheap But Top Quality Golf Accessories

Golf is admittedly an expensive sport but knowing how to find top quality golf accessories that is easy on the pocket allows you to golf more while spending less. The time the feather stuffed leather golf balls were used, golf was regarded as a rich man’s sport and rightly so because…

Use the Golf Club Irons For High Velocity and Get More Backspin

Putting some “spin” on the ball with your golf irons can be a basic level of using ball-to-iron contact and club-head speed. If you’re able to make contact with the ball and there is simply no mud-dirt or grass ahead of the ball, subsequently you may place some kind of spin when you strike it.

Smooth Putting to Help You Hole the Ball

Firstly, you can start with scanning the field then, you can continue to set up the putts technique. You need to scan the field first because many golf courses likely have a special grade of grass and design.

3 Putt – How to Remove This Word From Your Vocabulary and Game

Avoiding the dreaded 3 putting is many golfers goal. Here are some tips to avoid it.

Golf is Not Skiing – Advice For the Golf Beginner

We play golf in the summer and ski in the winter, what else do we need to know? I have always looked at how I learned to ski as being quite similar to how I learned to play golf. When I started writing for beginning golfers I didn’t really think about how different the experiences were.

Why Use a Draw Driver?

A lot of recreational golfers have the common problem of the dreaded slice. Some may be wondering if the cure to their slice is using a draw driver. Many think that the draw driver will be a quick and easy fix to their golf game. Others may not know what what a draw driver is and may be wondering why use a draw driver?

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