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Does the Golf Ball I Play With Matter?

Over the weekend I found myself in the golf section at Dick’s Sporting Goods and was pulled to the very large golf ball assortment that they offer. They had oodles and oodles of offerings from Nike Raw Distance to Titlist Pro V1’s all ranging in price form $12 to $60 which got me to thinking does the golf ball really matter for a weekend warrior such as myself?

Golf Club Flex Rating – Which One?

Choosing golf clubs can be quite challenging. You have to consider the length of the shaft, overall weight with the head, the style of grip and many other incidentals.

How to Choose a Good Golf Coach

Are you at a point where you are seriously considering hiring a professional golf coach? There are many sports trainers who may be interested to take upon this job, but you specifically need one who knows the business of playing golf and what it takes physically to master the game. It may sound like a simple question, but the first thing you really should know about a potential golf trainer is how well he she knows the game.

Techniques For Reading Putting Greens

When you learn techniques for reading a putting green successfully, you will have a better chance of making breaking putts and improving your short game. Which way will the putt break? This knowledge will lead to lowering your handicap because you will ultimately be making more putts. Learn to judge speed and distance and your game becomes a lot easier and more fun.

Golf Safety – Guidelines on Avoiding Injuries at the Course

Golf is a safe sport but there are safety hazards that hide in plain sight at golf courses and when you’re not careful enough you could end up in serious trouble hence you have to learn of golf safety guidelines before you venture out. The safety measures mentioned here are really very simple stuff and are even common sense things yet many have had accidents at the course due to not being careful and not heeding warning signs, and not using common sense.

The Best Golf GPS Device – Is it the Golf Guru 4?

Apple is still considered the leader in the highly competitive market for smartphones, thanks to its iPhone with the revolutionary touch screen technology as applied to consumer electronic products. Fortunately, for golfers, this is the same technology being applied in the latest golf GPS devices to hit the market. Find out more…

GPS Golf Rangefinders – How to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

Arguably, the laser and global positioning system (GPS) golf rangefinders are still the popular products in its category in the market today. Both have their pros and cons that appeal to their users although it is not uncommon to see many golfers using both laser and GPS rangefinders for as long as these units conform to the local rules as well as the policies set by the USGA.

Prologue to Golfing and Golf Clubs

Golf is a very demanding sport; it is not only physically demanding but also financially demanding. If you want to get into this sport and be good at it someday, then condition your mind, body and pocket as you don’t only need months of dedicated practice and unyielding perseverance in practices, you also need to have a deep pocket as you have to spend on every practice you do.

Golf Push Carts

If walking down the golf course is leaving you with little energy to play, perhaps it is time to start looking at golf push carts. Golf carts can help to lighten your load and they can help you to easily carry your clubs across the golf course.

Getting the Right Golf Balls

There is a staggering selection of golf balls out there. If you track such things, you’ll see that a new one comes out seemingly every week. The golf ball business is booming, with makers like Nike, Callaway, and Titleist making huge profits.

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