An epic Open Championship adventure concludes at Royal Troon Golf Club

In Golf – Concentrate on Your Accuracy First and Distance Will Follow

Most beginners to the game of golf have one thing in mind, and that is to hit the ball as far as possible. What they don’t understand is that accuracy is the first thing to consider and the distance to their shots will follow. There are many golfers that never really get out of this mindset. This is one of the big reasons why these golfers will never achieve the distances that they are capable of.

Lake Golf Balls – What Are They?

Ever wondered what is meant by lake golf balls? At one point I thought it was a brand name! Now, after reading up on the subject, I have put together this little guide, which makes it all clear.

What is the Best Women’s Golf Shoe?

Ecco golf shoes for women deliver everything included in the Ecco brand promise: comfort, support, and confidence. They are a specially designed sports shoe. They are especially durable and orthopedically correct to last through the normal wear and tear of an athletic routine.

If You Think That Golf is Easy, Then Think Again

Golf always seems like such an easy game to play that many people class it as a hobby or pastime rather than as a serious sport. If they were to give it a try however they would find that it is a lot harder than it looks.

History of the Golf Ball

Learn the history of the golf ball. Find out which type is good for your game.

Should You Encourage Your Child to Pursue an Interest in Golf?

With the worldwide popularity of golf today it is not surprising that a growing number of children should be expressing an interest in getting into the game. However, this is not the cheapest of sports and parents are often worried that this may well be just a passing and costly fad. So, how do you decide whether or not to encourage your child to pursue an initial interest in the game?

Guide to Best Golf Gift Ideas

We present our guide on the best golf gift ideas – cool golf gadgets and equipment that will appeal to golfers at a range of skill levels, and that are available at a variety of different price points. Our list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” provide our thoughts on which gifts will elicit an enthusiastic “SWEET!! YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!!!” and which will trigger an “ummm…is there a gift receipt in the box?”

Selecting the Best Golf Ball For You

Ball speed, angle of impact, launch angle and spin rate on the ball are all fundamental mechanical factors that affect ball performance. Golf ball construction, compression and cover hardness are also critical parameters. Moreover, golfers have different demands on a ball in terms of distance, control and feel – and those demands change over time and depending on course conditions and location.

Parts of a Good Golf Swing – Why Trusting Your Swing Matters

Is trust a big deal in golf? Ask any pro and I guarantee the answer will be YES. How can I gain trust with my golf swing? Well in this article I will help you to gain trust in your golf swing and hopefully you will notice that it turns out to be a good golf swing.

Five Golf Putting Drills Used by Professional Golfers

By incorporating these 5 golf putting drills into your practice routine you will significantly improve on your putting fundamentals and develop a high level of self confidence. The purpose of golf putting drills are to become consistent with your game in terms of getting the correct distance and accuracy with your putts. In order to achieve this you need to develop a high level of confidence and know that your putting fundamentals are sound. Ultimately this takes a great deal of practice and patience.

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