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GPS For Golf – Is it Cheating?

A GPS (global positioning system) for golf is becoming more and more popular among golfers, but not everyone welcomes them with open arms. Devices such as GPS (global positioning systems) and rangefinders are seen by some to remove a particular skill from golf (judging distance), and therefore detract from the game. To suggest that using them is unsporting or even cheating is going a little too far though.

Golf Swing Basics – Chiropractic Advice

Many pro golfers go through some kind of chiropractic care. According to a golf enthusiast and chiropractor, Dr. Travis Ruda, the golf swing isn’t conducive to having a healthy back.

Discount Golf Shoes – Tips on Choosing Golf Shoes

An article with tips and advice on buying a suitable pair of golf shoes. Features information on what to look out for and what to avoid.

Ladies Golf Clothing – The Design Process

Ever wondered how a range of golf clothing is designed and what steps are taken. We talk to the head designer at Green Lamb about designing a range of ladies golf clothing.

Golf Instruction DVD – Learn Golf Through Watching a DVD

If you would like to learn how to play golf but you have a limited budget, you should realize that hiring a professional golf instructor will cost you a lot because you will have to pay for the services per hour, which is not ideal especially for those who have other important priorities than playing golf. But, if you really have passion to play golf, there are a lot of other ways on how to properly learn it.

Golf Swing Drills – How it Helps to Become a Better Golf Player

In general, there really is not a single plan that will work for everything when it comes to playing golf. There are some people who would create their own strategy in playing while there are some who would base their strategies from golf swing drills.

Golf Cart Heaters – A Must For Golfers

Chilly winters can spoil the wonderful game of golf. Even during the early morning hours or during late evenings, the cold can be a dampener for any golfer. To combat the cold it has become a must for every golfer to possess a golf cart heater in order to stay warm and loose out of the course.

Playing Golf With the Use of Training Aids

Players who are seen to easily hit the golf ball perfectly as they swing their club, have often honed their skills over a long period of time. Such ability can be developed with the help of golfing aids as well as friendly advice and playing tips on improving your game from fellow golfers.

Tai Chi Can Help Your Golf Game

If you have ever seen a newscast of workers in China exercising en masse at the beginning of their day then you have seen a demonstration of tai chi chuan in action. Tai chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts characterize primarily by slow motion movements.

Golf Swing Slice – How to Correct It

Usually, the most common mistake that a golf player can commit would be the golf swing slice. This mistake is common among new golf players but professional players can also commit this mistake especially if they are reckless in doing their shots. This mistake is often frustrating because it greatly affects the scores of your golf game.

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