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Indoor Putting Green – Play Golf at Home

Having an indoor putting green at home offers you ample chance to practice shots. Now you can putt at your own convenience that saves you from the trouble of carting to the golf club every time.

Golf Swing Tips For Distance, Accuracy and Spin

When it comes to your golf swing, you can be pretty sure that you have something unique. This is because we are all physically different. Our various levels of strength, speed, flexibility and balance are all geared to our different physicality. That is why developing a swing that is tailored to your own physical characteristics is essential to successful golf. You need to discover the playing style that works for you to produce results.

Tired of Playing Mediocre Golf?

Mediocrity is probably the biggest sin of those who achieve the least. Often times it is just as important to understand the actions that bring about mediocrity as it is to suggest on how to improve. In other words once you know the common habits of those who suffer from this affliction then you will be able to observe it in yourself and cut it out like a surgeon’s knife.

7 Top Golf Swing Tips

A good golf swing is like a finely tuned watch, once all the parts are working together the result is exactly what you wanted. With a watch it is perfect time, and with a golf swing it is putting the ball where you want it. There are a few elements that make up a good golf swing, and paying attention to them will improve your score.

How You Can Start Breaking 80

Golf offers a variety of challenges, with the main challenge being to lower your score. Many weekend players are happy to break 100 for 18 holes, but there is a large population of players that would love to get their score into the 70’s for a full round of 18 holes. Breaking 80 is not as difficult as you would thing, all it really requires is some focus and some practice.

Learn How to Swing a Golf Club For Both Distance & Accuracy

Here is the hardest part because in the mind it can seem counter productive. Be patient with distance and think accuracy first.

Golf Iron Shots – Four Tips to Hitting Superior Iron Shots

Long and mid range irons are some of the toughest golf shots for the recreational player. Using true irons as opposed to hybrid clubs requires a little more skill, but can yield more accuracy than a hybrid when combined with practice. Hybrid clubs are geared largely for “trouble shots”.

Should You Shorten Your Backswing to Improve Your Game?

The fact is this; those of us who are any way serious about the game of golf want to improve our performance on the golf course. If you are having trouble in your swing it may be wise to shorten it. This will help you to identify in one respect which part of your swing is causing the problem.

How to Get Rid of a Slice

Anyone who has a slice in their game wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible. The goal of this article is to help you do that.

The Alexander Technique Can Make You a Better Golfer – 5 Reasons With Tips

This article presents five reasons why the Alexander Technique can make you a better golfer. There are also five accompanying tips. For over 100 years, the Alexander Technique has helped athletes to be more athletic by giving you the tools to take the greatest advantage of your strength and power.

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