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Want To Improve Your Golf Game? Are You Using A 1 Piece, 2 Piece Or 3 Piece Golf Ball?

If you thought that golf clubs formed the most important part of golf and that all other details were trivial, then think again. Do you know that there are different types of golf balls available in the market? They are known as the one piece, two piece and three piece golf balls.

Taking Good Care Of Your Golf Clubs – Very Important To Maintain Your Form

Even if you have opted for second hand or used golf clubs, they will still represent a significant investment. In such a scenario, you cannot afford to do anything that will reduce the value of your investment very quickly. It is obvious that you will have to take good care of your golf clubs.

Do Not Hide From Golf Just Because You Are A Women? Embrace The Sport Instead

Do you want your work and your efforts to recognize because you are very talented and skilled and not just because you are a woman? In such a scenario, it is obvious that you should do all that your male colleagues are capable of doing and a lot more. If your boss likes to discuss the day’s schedule over a game of golf early in the morning, then it is obvious that you may have to accompany him or her to the golf course.

Do You Need Golf Classes? Do Not Be In A Hurry To Reject The Idea

Is it advisable to opt for classes when you are beginning to learn golf? Or should you try and go in for self practice by purchasing clubs and giving it a try on your own? Well, there are arguments in favor of both approaches that are equally persuasive.

Take Good Care Of Your Golf Clubs – The Tough Looking Clubs Can Be Very Delicate

Have you ever felt the urge of banging your golf club into the ground after you have missed the drive or the putt? Well, the only advice that any expert will give you is-don’t. Not only are you going to create a scene and end up embracing yourself in front of other golfers, you may also end up doing incalculable damage to your golf clubs.

Make Sure You Practice All Your Golf Shots Before Competing On The Golf Course

It is important to focus on each and every aspect of your golf game with equal concentration. However, you should also be prepared for the possibility that certain aspects may require more effort. For example, if you find that you immediately hit your ball into the nearest sand bunker; chances are high that you will have to learn a lot about the putt and the right sand wedge to pull the ball out of the obstacle as early as possible.

Golf Pre-Game Warm Up Exercises – How and Why

How often do you see a person playing a sport where they do not warm up? Every sport that is played, anyone who is ready to perform will do some pre game warming and loosening up but how many times do you see a golfer step out of the car, swing the club two or three times then try and play a decent game only to complain he or she did not warm up properly? So make sure you understand what golf can do to the body and make sure you know how to warm the body up for a successful game.

Do Low Friction Tees Really Work?

If you can swing like the golf robot, a low friction tee could add up to 8-yards to your golf drives. Hey, even if you don’t swing like the golf robot there may be some distinct advantages of using these new style low friction golf tees.

Skycaddie SG 2.5 – A No-Nonsense Golfing Partner

The overall look and construction of the SG 2.5 has always held a certain appeal for the more rugged golfers. But there’s more to the Skycaddie SG 2.5 than meets the eye. This review can let you in on why this is one of the best golf partner you can ever ask for.

How To Become A Better Golfer

If you want to become a better golfer, then you must have this book by David Nevogt which will not only help with your golf swing, but it will improve your putting also. With the eight bonus books they throw in for free like putting tips and chipping tips, they will help you in the short game. With these methods in this step-by-step, well demonstration book, it will correct, fix slice and stop slicing all together. These golfing lesson books have great golfing tips and correct putting instructions that will show you how to break 80 in no time. I would recommend these combinations before spending hundreds of dollars on a private golf instructor. You will improve your short game as well as those long consistent fairway drives.

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