6 things you didn’t know about The Masters green jacket

5 Simple Golf Tips to Improve Your Swing

The most important part of playing the game is the golf swing. There is more to it than just setting up to the ball and giving a good whack. In order to be effective you need to understand, implement and practice the basics of a good golf swing.

Golf Tips – Why You Must Be Balanced In Your Golf Swing

I recently heard Dr Paul Hurrion speaking at the British Golf Teaching conference. Dr Hurrion is Padraig Harrinton’s putting coach – only this time he wasn’t talking about putting. He was telling us that for golf pro’s to compete on the tour these days they need to drive the ball at least 300 yards. To do this they need to generate a lot of power in their golf swings. You cannot fire a cannon from a canoe! This was another quote from Dr Hurrion and how true it is – you need a stable and balanced platform (such as the ground) to fire a cannon from. The golf swing is just the same…

Why Is Golf Putting So Hard?

In theory golf putting is the easiest part of golf. You don’t have to get the ball in the air. You don’t have to hit the ball very far. There are far less moving parts in your golf putting stroke – what can possibly go wrong? Your weight distribution never changes – golf putting is very static. Unfortunately the vast majority of amateur golfers spend far too much time working on their long game of golf and don’t take the time to work on their golf putting. It is also an unfortunate fact that very few amateur golfers actually understand the concepts of good golf putting.

The British Open 2011 Without Tiger? Will Rory Be the One?

The 2011 professional golf season has been a very difficult one to predict. Tiger Woods had a rough start before being injured, although he had a promising showing at the Masters. It seems likely that he won’t be back before the British Open, meaning he will miss at least two majors this year. A comeback in time for the British Open would be miraculous.

Chipping In Golf Tips – Find Out What You Are Doing Wrong And How To Fix It

Are you tired of hitting chip shots too short or way too far? Do you want to find out how to develop a rock solid short game? Then I will teach you how to lower your handicap to single digits.

Golf Pitching Techniques – Simple Drills For An Impeccable Technique

Are you tired of having an inconsistent short game? Do you want to learn how to cut your handicap to single digits? Find out here how to develop a rock solid short game and cut your handicap to single digits.

Tips On Chipping In Golf – Common Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Find out how fixing these mistakes can lower your scores to a single handicap. If you’re tired of not playing to your true potential then you’ve found the right place to unlock your true potential.

Medicus Golf Club Training Aids

Medicus Golf with their dual hinge construction has created a golf training aid that provides you with immediate feedback for golf your swing. You can take the guesswork out of improving your golf swing with the Medicus series of Golf Clubs.

Develop Your Core Strength And Your Flexibility For Better Golf

Core is another word for the abdominal muscles. The section below the belly button will correct your spinal posture for better alignment and develop muscle strength for the drive. Developing your core strength and your flexibility for golf is very essential.

Golf Tips On Pitching – What You Are Doing Wrong And How To Fix It

Is your golf game suffering because of your struggling short game? Are you tired of not playing to your full potential? Then you’ve found the right place with golf tips on pitching to lower your scores.

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