3 Amateur golfers play Bethpage Black’s 600 yard 13th hole into a 25 mph wind

Golf Driving Tips For Better Tempo

Driving the golf ball a long way (straight) is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable experiences in golf. At one time or another though, everyone has gone off in search of golf driving tips. Everyone always wants more distance or accuracy and there are plenty of tips out there that try to help.

4 Important Tips When Buying A Junior Golf Club Set For Your Child

If your child takes a real interest in playing golf then it is best that you buy them a golf set that has been specifically designed for kids. While buying a junior golf set keep these factors in mind.

How Visiting A Golf Store Can Up Your Game

Golf is a sport that requires a whole lot of technique. This kind of technique isn’t developed overnight, and this can make golf an extremely frustrating sport to pick up. Whether you’re a newbie or have been playing since you were a child, you’re always trying to improve your swing and lower your score.

How To Master Golf Swing Basics

Tired of having a bad golf game? Well, you’re not alone. Golf is easy to learn but takes time to master. Find out how you can better your golf skills with these golf swing basics information.

The Garmin Approach G5 Versus the UPro Go Golf GPS

Pocket-sized GPS units have revolutionized how many golfers approach their game. These GPS systems can accurately indicate pin positions, but they can also help you build confidence in your golf game. Just knowing the average of how far you normally can hit a ball using a given club can improve your game score by a couple of strokes.

Golf Tournament Planning 101

So you’ve been asked to run a golf tournament. Maybe your employer is sponsoring a company outing…or you are on the board of a charity that hopes to raise funds….or your daughter’s softball team needs new uniforms and you’ve been elected to raise money to make them the best dressed team in the league. Whatever the case may be, YOU have accepted the challenge of putting together a team of volunteers, finding sponsors & golfers and coordinating a full day of golf, contests, prizes, food and fun. DON’T PANIC! With a little help and planning, your event can be very successful and we want to help.

Tips For Golf Swing Improvement

Golf can be a totally frustrating game if you not properly prepared. Trying to hit a small ball into a tiny hole some 500 yards away can sometimes seem to be a total nightmare. Here are some tips for a golf swing that just may be an answer.

The Key to Your Downswing – Slide and Turn

The purpose of the backswing is to get the club into a position where it can be swung into the ball the most easily and effectively. That doesn’t mean once you have a good backswing you’ve solved the puzzle. There is one move left that is critical to realizing the payoff: starting your downswing with a slide and a turn.

How Far Do You Hit Your Irons?

The key to scoring in golf is being able to hit the green with your iron shots from the fairway. To get on the green, the ball has to get to the green. Hitting the ball the right distance is a simple matter of picking the right club. Here’s how to find out what the right club is.

How To Make A Putting Green Information

Do you know how to make a putting green? Having a putting green in your home’s backyard is like owning your own golf course. See how to build a putting green for yourself.

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