236.2 MPH BALL SPEED from Kyle Berkshire 😱 That’s a new Trackman ball speed record… 👀

Mental Skills in Golf

Motivation in sport is critical to success-regardless of what sport you play. In addition to physical skill and prowess, the mental skills you employ will directly affect how you play and whether or not you score. This is true in golf as well as any other sport, but perhaps even more so in golf because golf is essentially an individual game.

Ping Eye 2 Review

I have read many Eye 2’s reviews. All are very consistent with my opinion. I am only glad to know that I am not the only golfer convinced that the Eye 2 is tops even plus 20 years later. I bought my set new about 22 years ago.

How to Read the Greens Before You Putt

Most amateur golfers are not taking the time to read the green before they hit a putt. They should have looked to see how steep that slope was or why they did not see they were into the grain.

Callaway Hawkeye Review

You won’t have to yell that word out too much with this club. Upon reading reviews of this club, I still had mixed feelings about buying it. I figured out why I was hesitant to purchase the Hawkeye. I never played a round with anyone that had a sweet enough swing to properly wield this club.

Can You Learn Something Powerful For You and Your Golf From a Really Neat Story?

I want to tell you this really neat story I came across because it’s one of those stories that can really ignite the flame of constructive thoughts in your mind. You know those thought processes that often give you epiphany moments? The great thing about these stories is we can make suggestions but really every person gets something unique and individually their own learning from them.

Attention Beginning Golfers – Why Golf?

What did I get myself into? I approached the tee at the 18th hole on my second golf match and wondered why I had started this stupid game. I had doubled par on most of the holes, yet I was sure this time I could beat this game!

Anger and State Management – Get Control of Your Emotions For Great Golf and More Fun Playing!

If you can’t manager your emotions around the golf course then you are going to bleed and awful lot of golf shots. Don’t underestimate the powerful effect that negative emotions have on your ability to think clearly and swing effectively. Anger is the most destructive of all so when you learn the techniques to control this, you can learn to control all your emotions both on and off the course.

Modern Golf Swing Techniques – How Technology Will Benefit Your Game

Never has it been a better time to take up the wonderful sport of golf. The studies and insight that is available today is slowly changing the way we play this spectacular game. With the current speed at which we are able to take photographs these days, we are able to take a look at the exact form and position of top golf players movements following their swing and follow-through.

Golf Grip Technique – How I Improved My Golf Swing

When you’ve been playing golf for a long time, you generally know which grip best suits your style of play. On average, most of the people I’ve spoken to on my range have said that the overlapping grip has given them the most success due to its stability in the pressure points being in the right place. So I decided to convert from my normal style of interlocking.

Proper Golf Stance and Grip to Improve Your Golf Game

Anyone who has ever set foot on a golf course will tell you, correct posture during a golf game is vital. The smallest things, that normally wouldn’t affect another sporting game, may bring your entire game to a halt if your not weary. When positioning your body, the general rule is always to have your arms hanging down but not out. This small action will improve your drive dramatically.

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