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Putting Tips – Learn the Proper Pendulum Putting Stroke For Duffers

Do you putt like the pros? Are you comfortable when standing over a putt and confident you will make a good stroke? Revealed in this article you will find the secrets to putting consistently well just like the pros. In the next few minutes you will discover the super simple putting style that will help you to reduce your total putts per round and lower your scores. Unless you are making every putt you face, you can’t afford to miss reading this.

Achieving the Proper Golf Swing

You need a lot of perseverance and practice to get that perfect and proper golf swing. The best way to do it would be to watch the way professional golfers execute their swings. The following tips, which if followed scrupulously, will have you winning tournaments in no time.

A Professional Proper Golf Swing

An ideal way to start a game of golf is to start it with the proper golf swing. By doing so, you will get the ball to land in close proximity to the hole. Then it is a question of putting it. Technically speaking, the golf swing is nothing but applied physics. The movement of the club during the swing produces a force on the clubface that is transferred to the ball at the moment of impact.

Inside Out Golf Swing – How to Make it Happen

The inside out golf swing is the motion everyone wants to achieve, as it results in a distance producing draw. Most players have an outside in swing pattern which is why they struggle with weak banana slices. Here are some tips to give you the ideal swing plane now.

How to Improve Your Golf Score by Cheating

Learn how to improve your golf score the old fashioned way – cheat. That’s right, simple but effective steps for beating your opponents, winning your bets, and improving your golf score.

Golfers – Swing Into Action

After winning his first Green Jacket in 1961 it was quoted that Gary Player would never last as his exercise regime would ruin his golfing career. Nearly fifty years on it could be said that quote was slightly in error.

Golf Fitness Programs Can Improve Golfers’ Minds, Bodies and Lower Their Score

In any sport, preparation is a key factor in performing well. Whilst some may be happy to plod away, maintaining a level they find satisfactory, the majority of golfers are always looking to better themselves. An often overlooked feature of the game is ones approach to preparation, in essence golf fitness.

Golf Course Management – Golf Tips

Having good golf course management is such an integral part of shooting great scores out on the course. How do those pro players learn golf course management?

Proper Golf Training Can Make a World of Difference to Your Golfing Abilities

It is of course a good idea to allow the professionals show you how to improve your golf and so it becomes necessary to pick the right golf training guides. This will help you strike the golf ball in a more focused way and which will also ensure that your swing is fluid and gives you better striking accuracy.

Putting Tips to Have You Holing Out More Consistently

How to hole more putts more often. Putting tips to lower your score.

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