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What Makes Titleist Pro V Golf Balls the Choice of Some Many Players Worldwide?

Ever since the introduction of the Titleist Pro V Golf Balls, more players around the world seem to be choosing this particular sphere for their game. What makes them so special and why should you consider making a switch?

Some Golf Accessories For Eye Protection

Being a passionate golf player means loading yourself with lots of accessories and golf equipment. Having all these is the most important part of this sport, but you must also consider some essential accessories that will keep you in good shape to play the game. Staying in the sun all day long as an enthusiastic golf player might disturb you from the game and damage you eyes, so you would wish to bring along your sunglasses.

What is a Golf Swing Analyzer?

Golf balls to the left of me. Golf balls to the right of me. I need help, but what is a golf swing analyzer?

Sunshine Coast – An Ultimate Golf Holiday Destination

An immaculate coastline spread over miles, verdant vicinity, excellent cuisine, lots of fun and adventure – The Sunshine Coast is one amongst the Queensland’s ultimate holiday destinations. This Coast begins at Caloundra and extends to Cooloola surrounded by the Glass House Mountains, Blackall Range, Noosa Hinterland and the Mary Valley.

Reasons Why Golf Holidays Are So Popular Today

When going for a holiday the main purpose of everyone is to relax. Often playing your favourite sport and working out is the best way to relax and enjoy.

Above Par Golf Tours

Everybody differs in their aspirations, interests and thought process which make them all together a different Human Being. Similarly People vary in their liking for the recreational activities; some fall for Cricket, Hockey and some for Golf etc.

A Perfect Holiday For All Golf Lovers

Is golf something more than a hobby to you? If yes, then we have something interesting for you. We offer you various Gold coast golf packages that can provide you pleasure of an exclusive holiday along with an ultimate gaming experience.

Shank Cure – How to Eliminate the Most Embarrassing Shot in Golf on Your Very Next Round

If you’ve ever suffered the humiliation of hitting a “well timed” shank shot during a round, while your buddies smirk silently behind your back, you will be happy to know there is an easy cure. The key to eliminating the shank shot from your golf forever is to begin by understanding what it is. When you strike the ball with the part of the club where the shank meets the club face it will veer off course to the right or left and scuttle just a few yards from the tee. Unfortunately shank shots rarely happen just once during a round.

Playing Golf in Bad Weather Does Not Mean You Have to Play Poorly – Part 3

Being properly prepared for bad weather is the key to having a good round of golf. Be sure to check the forecast before leaving the house. If lightning is in the forecast, consider postponing your round. If lightning moves in while out on the course, get off the course and back to the clubhouse until it passes. Most Country Clubs and golf courses have weather monitoring devices and will sound an alarm when the weather dictates.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Stop Hitting Behind the Ball and Avoid the Frustration of Fat Shots Now

Are you having problems hitting 1-2 inches behind your ball most of the time? Striking the ball ‘fat’ is a frustrating problem and costly problem for golfers. Although there are several reasons why it could be happening here are some of the most common solutions.

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