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Golf Goals Made Easy – Part 1 of 2 – How to Set and Achieve Any Goal So It’s a Simple Process

If you are going to set goals for yourself you should make them really appealing. Small goals are small dreams and these really don’t ignite the human imagination so the excitement factor does not kick in to drive you forward. It’s a mistake many people make by setting either Low Goals or No Goals.

Golf Short Game – Chip and Pitch For Success

I don’t think too many golfers would argue with me when I say that hitting a screaming drive down the middle of the fairway is one of the greatest feelings in golf. That wonderfully rare moment when you catch the golf ball absolutely flush in the middle of the head of your driver and it soars away to land 250 to 300 yards away on the short grass – for some people it’s the reason why they come back to the golf course week after week. The problem is that we may allow that heady moment to partially obscure our ultimate goal i.e. getting the ball into the hole!

The Mental Golf Game

Focus is a key word in playing golf. It is easy to lose focus while playing the game. Clear your mind. Never let anything distract you from the game. Fix your mind on your rhythm and swing. Most of the problems while playing golf are due to untrained mind. Let your mind control your body and train it to deal with the pressure, setbacks and errors. Visualize a good shot and let the putt go.

Golf Swing Aids, Can They Improve Your Golf Game?

To get to the perfection stage of your golf game that you want to reach it sometimes need more than skill and talent to get you there. You will at times need the help of others and a few golf swing aids to help you in improving your game.

Do You Want a Golf Swing Like the Pros?

For you to be able to have the perfect golf swing it takes a lot of time and plenty of practice. It is also a good idea to learn how the pro has develop this skill over the many years. A good way to do this is by reading a good golf book.

Give Yourself a Free Golf Swing Lesson

A free golf swing lesson seems a little too good to be true. But there are actually a variety of websites available that offer free videos to help you improve your swing. Golfing is a fun sport that people of all ages enjoy. Children as young as three and four years old are playing as well as older adults that are well into their 70’s or 80’s.

Golf Swing Advice – 3 Tips That You Can Take Straight to the First Tee!

Are you looking for golf swing advice but seem overwhelmed by everything that you see and read? Well one of the most common problems for most golfers is information overload, and this is the reason that most golfers also do not make significant improvements in their golf games. Here I am going to give you 3 simple tips that you can take straight to the first tee and improve your scores.

Don’t Underestimate Golf Rangefinders

Given the considerable amount of advertising dollars that are spent to encourage golfers to put new clubs into their bags every year, I always wonder why more corporate dollars are not spent to encourage golfers to actually buy the one device that will actually help them post lower scores: golf range finders. Golf rangefinders are typically priced between $200 and $400, about the same price range as new drivers made by Titleist, Cleveland, and TaylorMade.

Golf Swing Slice – How to Find a Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club

A lot of golfer are frustrated because of their golf swing slice. The solution to this problem is a proper way to swing a golf club. If you are willing to better your game and lower your score then this article is for you.

Three Piece Golf Ball Construction

What are golf balls made of? It’s a question that every schoolboy has wondered about and it is one which most adults would probably admit to having thought about from time to time too. The thing is that modern golf balls have a more technical construction than you may have imagined.

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